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Regaining Sight: Stories of Hope

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Sitting around the dinner table at Sacred Heart of Jesus Convent on Manhattan's West Side, there are plenty of stories to be told. Here we invite women who are pregnant and in need to live with us until they can get back on their feet again, and each evening we share dinner together. The women love to hear what have come to be known as "God Stories."

Religious Sisters are given a special window to see the intersection of the visible with the invisible, spiritual world. For whatever reason, and there are many, people tend to feel comfortable pouring out their hearts and souls to Sisters. So we have front-row seats to witness the ways that God breaks into people's lives, touching, healing, strengthening, providing, breathing new life into places of darkness. And we love to point out His Presence to those who may not yet have eyes to see it. He is always near.

We began publishing some of our favorite "God Stories" in our little magazine, IMPRINT. This book is a selection of those stories. We invite you to read on, and then to look at the story of your own life and begin to see how He has been present to you, and is continually at work - always for your good.

Hardcover, black and white, 172 pages. Written and designed by the Sisters of Life.