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What Defines Me?
(Bundle of 10)

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Who are you?

I was hanging out with friends and randomly threw out the question, "So, what defines us?" Maddy laughed, "My out-of-control crazy hair and my old worn-out red sneakers." Another friend responded, "My anxiety. That's me. That's who I am, like it or not..."

I paused and said, "What if it's not any of these? What if it's not about your looks, your friends, your past choices, your lifestyle, the things you suffer, your limitations, your sins or even the red sneakers? But something much deeper?"

What Defines Me? includes stories, testimonies, and resources to encourage conversation about the truth and beauty of God's plan for life and love. Written for teenage men and women. Topics include: chastity, pregnancy, pornography, healing after abortion, same-sex attraction, and vocation.

Bundle of 10 booklets, black and white, 50 pages. For high school and college students. Written and designed by the Sisters of Life.